Superwinch 8500 Wiring Diagram

Superwinch 8500 Wiring Diagram - The Superwinch Terra Series ATV Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 3,500 lbs # SW1135230 has wiring that is 6 feet long and 6 gauge thickness that connects to your battery. If your 2017 Polaris 570 side by side needs a longer wiring to reach your battery, I recommend the SuperWinch Trailer. 2011-2013 Polaris RZR 1000 Light Bar Leds Size(Inch) LEDS Watts Lumens 12 48 96w 8160 20 80 160w 13600 30 120 240w 20400 40 160 320w 27200 50 192 384w 32640 52 200 400w 34000 54 208 416w 35360 The 4R Series comes with Patent 4row Optics design,enhancing the output of light bar with longer distance,IP68 waterproof rate,impact rate,shockproof,50000+ hours lifespan,90% optically pure.. You would want to go with a deep cell battery. Having a battery larger than you would need would be the way to go as having a battery that is similarly rated as the draw of the winch will drain it quickly. We don't carry any deep cell batteries but you should have no problem tracking one down. If.

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